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Time Is A Funny Thing!!

Time is this funny thing!

We can wake up feeling like we have all the time in the world!

Then it’s 9 PM, you’re in those comfy pants, fighting to keep your eyes open!!

Forget about trying to squeeze self care into your day, right?!

Don’t worry though that’s why you’re here, reading this, you know that self care is essential in your life!

With all the decisions and places to be all day, you are needing some help!

That’s ok Mama this is one place where you can let go of control and follow my advice!

It is not this complicated process that is going to take a lot of your TIME and ENERGY.

In fact it will allow you to really soak in all the moments in your day with more gratitude and help gain back some of that energy!

(Self care really should get a PR person because it’s terribly misrepresented)

My go to self care ritual when I’m low on time is Breath Work!

It has a great way to relax my mind and give a boost to my energy and takes only 5 minutes!

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