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This is Your SIGN!

ady to fall into self care?

Are you ready to go from tired to energized?

From overwhelmed to balanced?

Continuing to make these excuses

I can’t do online yoga!!!

I don't have time.

I don't have the Money!

Is not going to change the feelings of being overwhelmed and tired!

My slow flow online yoga membership is now open to book for the Fall!!

This membership tackles all the issues I have heard from all of you seeking self care!

Flexibility to join when you can. Being a member allows you access to all classes throughout the month!

Accessible, no need to coordinate attending class with your partner or sitter. You can go from bedtime to yoga mat!

So listen there is never going to be the perfect time. If you wanted to join a yoga class in person, you would there, not here reading this!

If you are ready to invest into self care that can last a lifetime, for the same price as that weekly bottle of wine, then this is your call to action!!!

Visit the link below to book your spot in my membership!

Classes start October 5th at 10 AM via private Facebook group and will meet live every Tuesday in the month, with access to all replays, so join in when you can!!

Two days prior to the membership beginning you will receive a Welcome To Class email, that details what to expect and an exclusive invite to the Facebook group!

I am excited to guide you all in the self care you so very much deserve!!

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