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Think You Can't Do This?

Meditate 🧘‍♀️

Do you avoid mediation because "I can't silence my mind" or " I can't stop thinking."

I'm sure meditation isn't the only thing you tell yourself that you CAN'T do.

✨ This mentality limits you. You deserve to believe that you are limitless and this why mediation is exactly the thing you CAN do!!!

🗓 I get it though, you have a lot running through your mind on the daily, schedules, kids and responsibilities.

✨ You're mind needs a break to slow down and refocus, get a chance to bring some peace to your thoughts!!

Some many common misconceptions with meditation, like the room needs to be silent and you're mind need to absent of thought, ❌ wrong!!!

Mediation is a chance to feel grounded and present, that's it and there is so many ways that we can give ourselves meditation.

Some are,

✨ Mindful Meditation

✨ Visual Meditation

✨ Guided Meditation

Meditation is simply a time to find stillness into your body, a moment to check in with yourself. You simply allow all the thoughts of your mind to come to the surface. It's in this moment that you decide what thoughts deserve your attention and what needs to be let go of!!

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