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Need a Refill?!

Do you find yourself saying this throughout your day ⬇️

“I’m just so TIRED!”

➡️ No matter how much sleep you seem to get it just never feels like enough, your energy feels drained and exhaustion seems to set in!

This is a sign you are needing some rest!!

Some other signs

☑️ Moody

☑️ The need to just be ALONE

💕 The great thing is you do not need to feel this way, you are running on an empty cup and I have some ways to begin to fill up that cup, that takes little time!!

So the feeling tired may or may not have to do with the quality of sleep your getting. I haven’t met many Moms who get a good quality sleep, que the Mamas up with little ones at night!!

But, the actions you take during the day may help to regain some of that energy and if you are consistent with some self care may find your sleep quality improve.

Many things we can’t control, but what we have the choice over is ourselves and choosing to give ourselves the space for self care, rather than excuses. So gives these tips a try ⬇️

➡️ Lie on your back with your legs up against a wall. You can even place a pillow at the base of you back while you lie down. This pose can improve sleep and even help that nagging headache

➡️ Set your gaze to a focal point and breath in and out for 30 seconds

➡️ Find a piece of paper and pen and journal on this, what do I like to make/create

💕 So taking a few moments for yourself throughout the day can help to slowly fill up your empty cup.

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