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Do you feel like a doormat?!

Does setting boundaries make you feel guilty?? If you're a big people pleaser like me, setting boundaries can be a big struggle. This is a must first step though, when you are looking to bring more self care into your daily life. You are busy, right?! You are getting pulled in many directions between work, the kids and house! It becomes a struggle to find time for self care in between all these demands. This is where boundaries come in, most people when they hear boundaries they think it's always saying "NO" to everyone and everything, but boundaries can sound like many things! Some examples

  • "I can only stay for 2 hours"

  • "I have yoga class at that time, can we pick another time?"

  • I will put all phones and computers away after (insert time)

So I have a task for you to complete, grab a journal or pen and paper and write down some boundaries you could put into place.

A boundary in itself is self care, but maybe you can put some things into motion that would allow space to open up for that yoga class you've been eyeing!?

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