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Did Someone Say Chocolate and Yoga

I know, you're probably scratching your head right now, wondering if I’ve lost my mind! Yes, having a hot chocolate drink + yoga is a match made in heaven and I have zero guilt about it! Oftentimes at the edge of my yoga mat you will find a warm, smooth mug of cacao. When we indulge what often follows? Guilt right? No guilt with cacao! It’s chocolate in its purest form, no added sugar or dairy! It’s full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals! So, cacao is not only great for the body, but it is amazing for the soul. She opens up so many doors and takes your heart on a journey. When you add her to your yoga practice, you will find a deeper connection to your practice and body. Below are 3 ways cacao benefits your yoga practice! 1. Your breath work will deepen. In yoga class you're always reminded to breathe, annoying right? When we sip cacao during class we become much more aware of our breath. Cacao is a circulatory stimulant and will increase your breath up to 30%!

2. Increases your flexibility. This is great right, I know so many women feel that they are not flexible enough for yoga! So leave this worry at the door! Cacao contains high amounts of magnesium. So the muscles are able to loosen up as we flow together! Ta-Da! Instant flexibility improvement.

3. Deepened meditation. We take the time to allow cacao’s magic to work on opening our hearts. As I guide you at the end of class in meditation, what wekeep hidden in our hearts will finally be free for you to explore.

Cacao’s benefits for yoga, ceremonies or personal rituals run deep. It’s a moment of such personal connection and the foundation of my practice.

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