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Battery Low?!

Do you feel like the life of you cell phone battery, slowly being drained? Feeling TIRED or OVERWHELMED? Desperately trying to find the damn plug, to charge back up?! If we were talking about your phone you would search high and low for that plug, to charge it back up. Tell the kids to give you "one more second" while you frantically search to fill up that batteries life!! Now if self care was the way to fill up your cup, give you a little more ENERGY, would you still tell your family " to give you one more second" while you tended to some self care?? I understand we are busy, overwhelmed with the demands of Motherhood and life, but continuing to not search for that charger will not help! Here are some self care tips that can help to start filling you back up again....

  • Journaling this is a great tool to have in your self care bag. It offers time for reflection and connection to your needs.

  • Healthy Breakfast, yes this is self care!! Take some time each week to plan out a breakfast that will keep you fueled throughout the day.

  • Taking some deep breaths, in and out. Whether it's in the car or shower. Taking some deep mindful breath can help ease the stress.

So remember next time you are looking for that phone charger. Take a moment to ask yourself if you need some time to recharge as well!!

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