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Meet Stephanie

Passion for Yoga and Cacao

Hi I'm Stephanie and I help women "make time" for self care using cacao supported self care practices. These practices include movement, breath and meditation practices. In addition to that I hold cacao supported women's circles, where we explore all the above, but also story telling with engaging discussion and journaling. 

These practices will support you going from overwhelmed to relaxed. With the right tools and support you will be better able to trust the flow of life with a full cup!


I am a certified yoga teacher with a gentle, intuitive approach to body movement and a cacao ceremony facilitator. I have conducted dozens of cacao ceremonies and have taught 100's of hours of movement classes.


Now I know you're busy with not a lot of time, you're needing accessibility, right?! All my offerings are accessed in virtual spaces, as well as a more customized experience with private sessions. Offerings are always unfolding, please visit the above links to see what I have going on!

Welcome to your journey!

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