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Feel like you have no time for self care?

Between the your full schedule, kids and work, self care can be a struggle, you are in the right place now!

If you are ready for self care that fills the soul then  my cacao supported spiritual practices may be just the thing. 

Ready to make"more time"?!
Plug your information in the link below and receive a FREE 5 day self care planner and updates every week!

Send me FREE self care

You owe yourself the love you give so easily to others.


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It was great to spend time taking care of myself and being around other woman who are on the same journey. I love the warmth I feel by sipping cacao and talk and laughter that follows.

- Claudette R.

I took Stephanie's virtual yoga classes during covid and it was a lifesaver. I think as a Mom you get caught up in a lot and doing so much for everyone, but yourself. Her classes helped me let go of built up tension I was carrying in my jaw and shoulders. I cleared my mind and reconnected with myself. I would recommend her to anyone.

- Eliza M.

I believe that do to commitment to practice stretches, correct postures and learning to let go, also along with Stephanie's guidance, I have been able to correct back issues and get into poses that were once impossible!

- Linda M.

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